Appreciating Teachers

“A hard truth that keeps coming back to me is the idea that when one overlooks those in their sphere of influence, the ones who have been overlooked see it, feel it, and experience it.” Lachanda Garrison, from The Power of Stories blog post For Teacher Appreciation Week, I wanted to celebrate a passionate educator … Continue reading Appreciating Teachers

Creating Spaces for Black Girls

This month I speak with three educators whose stories have contributed to their purpose for working with Black girls and their educators to create spaces where Black girls are centered and celebrated. The three educators joining me in the conversation are Dr. Carolyn Strong, Deborah Peart, and Jacqueline Smalls. Dr. Carolyn Strong, a previous Black … Continue reading Creating Spaces for Black Girls

Black Girls Belong 2

You push a girl out of schools and you push her into the streets; you push her into violence; you push her into trauma. Susan Burton of A New Way of Life Reentry Project from Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools by Dr. Monique W. Morris and Jacoba Atlas This month, I am … Continue reading Black Girls Belong 2