S3.E6 Creating Space Through Math Talk

In April, I spoke with math educators across the country about using mathematical discourse to create spaces for Black children in classrooms for the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics (ICTM). Special thanks to BWXME for joining my session to support me! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQFxD080Zuc


S3.E5 Coaching Conversation

I had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Tenisha Marcel-Herbert about planning for small group instruction. Dr. Herbert is currently an instructional math coach in DC and was looking for resources to support her teachers with tasks for small group work. What are your go-to resources for your small groups in math class? Share in … Continue reading S3.E5 Coaching Conversation

Season 3 Break

Happy New Year! 2021 happened so quickly that I didn’t realize that I haven’t posted in awhile. I wanted to share some highlights that made my year. My first highlight of 2021 was watching episodes of Centering Sisters: Real Talk for Black Women by Black Women. Centering Sisters is a movement focused on centering the … Continue reading Season 3 Break


S3.Ep2 Why Content Matters

My guest, Dr. Kristopher J. Childs (he/him) is a keynote speaker, educator, and member of senior leadership teams who focuses his work on excellence in teacher content and pedagogical knowledge, equity, leadership development, and organizational change. In this episode, Dr. Childs shares his reasons for advocating for equitable, relevant content for Black students especially Black … Continue reading S3.Ep2 Why Content Matters


S3.Ep 1 Developing Positive Mathematical Mindsets

This month, I connected with one of my former students, Taylor Montgomery, to discuss her her love of mathematics connects to her current work and how her identity affects her work. Taylor recently achieved the honor of being the 1st Black women to earn a Master's of Science in Biokinesiology from USC. She is an … Continue reading S3.Ep 1 Developing Positive Mathematical Mindsets