Celebrating One Year with Black Girl Math™

It’s Black Girl Math’s first year anniversary! One year ago this week, I published my first post Representation Matters because it highlighted the importance of Black students seeing other mathematicians to develop their own identities in mathematics.

My first post garnered 390 views in February 2019. In one year, Black Girl Math™ had 1,274 views and 758 visitors from 19 countries.

The most read posts were:

I would not have been able to celebrate my first year without the countless family, friends, colleagues, and readers who have read, shared, tweeted, and retweeted my posts. Thank you to my first 10 followers! I especially want to thank my friends and colleagues Lisa for encouraging me to share my voice and Renee for getting me started with the ins and outs of WordPress. I can’t forget my sister friends, Carolyn and Alarra, for helping me name and build my site.

I’m excited for the conversations in 2020! Please continue to read, share, and tell me what you think about how to increase outcomes in mathematics for Black students. #cultureandcomputation

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