Wrapping Up 2020

As I opened the holiday cards, I began to receive in the last couple of weeks, I was inspired to share highlights this year because this year was a LOT.

Highlight 1–#BlackWomenRockMath is an online “collective of hidden voices in math education” to empower Black women and girls to share their experiences as students and educators. The community created by three of my new math friends, Dionna Aminata, Deborah Peart, and Kaneka Turner, was a lifesaver to help me feel connected during a difficult year and created a space for learning and reflection.

Highlight 2: I was excited to team up with Dr. Nancy Anderson in October for a webinar to answer one of the most asked questions this year, “How to engage students during online learning?” With the challenges that teachers and parents faced with remote learning this year, Dr. Anderson and I shared some a variety strategies and tools that would support teachers with engaging multiple students while online.

Highlight 3: I had an opportunity to facilitate a session for NCTM’s 100 days of professional learning in June. The session was attended by hundreds of educators from all of the world. It focused on how to engage Black students in productive mathematical discourse.

Essential Questions from “Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk”

I am amazed by the educators and parents and their commitment to meeting the needs of students online and in-person with the adjustments that had to be made for the pandemic. I am also thankful for everything that I have learned this year from so many educators and colleagues.

Have a safe, healthy holiday and connect with loved ones that you’ve missed this year even if it’s from a distance. See you in 2021!

Share your highlights from 2020 in the comments or via e-mail. I want to hear how you create spaces or build a community for your Black students in math class this year. I would like to share your stories in 2021!

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