Black Girl Math is for educators who want to develop spaces for Black students in math.

Celebrating two years of stories from my journey

Celebrating Black Girl Math™

Black Girl Math™celebrates two years this month with a podcast episode on Kids Math Talk and a featured blog for #BlackWomenRockMath. I appreciated sharing my journey! Black Girl Math has so much to celebrate! Thank you to all of my subscribers and viewers for being a part of the first two years of the site. … Continue reading Celebrating Black Girl Math™


This month, I talk with Dr. Carolyn Strong, my friend and educator, about how to find ways to connect with and check in with Black students as we continue to deal with all of the social and political changes in the last year. Dr. Carolyn Strong is an educator, author and speaker. Dr. Strong’s work … Continue reading Checking-In

What’s New for Black Girl Math™ in 2021?

Happy New Year! Thank you for celebrating and following my journey at Black Girl Math™! Stay tuned for more video content this year! Check us out on our new social media pages on Twitter and via e-mail.

Wrapping Up 2020

As I opened the holiday cards, I began to receive in the last couple of weeks, I was inspired to share highlights this year because this year was a LOT. Highlight 1–#BlackWomenRockMath is an online “collective of hidden voices in math education” to empower Black women and girls to share their experiences as students and … Continue reading Wrapping Up 2020


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